Kunstkeramik Paul Dachsel - Historic - Jason Jacques Gallery

Paul Dachsel was the son-in-law of Alfred Stellmacher, the founder of Amphora Pottery company in Turn-Teplitz, then in Austria. Very little is known or was written about Dachsel. He served as a designer at Amphora from 1893 until 1905. There, he was instrumental in creating new motifs and designs inspired by the voluptuous, organic Art Nouveau style, as well as incorporating Japanese shapes, such as the sake bottle, to a traditional Victorian vase body. Very soon, most of the vases had converted to Art Nouveau in shape and decoration.
In 1905, Dachsel founded his own pottery studio, Kunstkeramik Paul Dachsel. He continued to draw inspiration from Art Nouveau and created designs that favored simple forms elaborated with applied handles, rims, and ornaments. In many examples, he favored tertiary colors and folded, flat, and soft-edged shapes, giving his work a fairy-tale quality. Dachsel’s ceramic studio remained in business until 1911.

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