Exotic Influences on European Decorative Arts 1875-1925



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Exotica is the companion to the exhibition of the same name held at the Jason Jacques Gallery, New York, in the autumn of 2010. Show and book bring together an exciting selection of objects that vividly illustrate concepts of the exotic in European decorative arts between 1875 and 1925. Whether influenced by cultures distant in time or place, forms and decorations were made new again in the hands of the creative men and women of an era in which nationalism, modernity, and the ascendancy of handcraftsmanship defeated the forces of false refinement and shoddy manufacture. This book includes stunning color photographs and scholarly essays that explore Classical, Asian, Islamic, and Medieval influences, along with a special section on T.A.C. Colenbrander, an exceptional Dutch designer. Historians, collectors, and newcomers alike will enjoy this armchair voyage through a collection that has been twenty years in the making and continues to grow.
Over 166 color illustrations

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