Inventory Number DAP047

Size 4.5" h x 12.5" w

Material Hard earthenware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin Austria

Year Made 1905-1910

Condition Excellent

This bowl, grey-green with a gold-dusted rim and handles, exemplifies Paul Dachsel’s move in the early twentieth century away from his pioneering work in the Art Nouveau style to a more architectural, geometric style. Though often said to be precursors to the Art Deco style, Dachsel’s works at this point in time are difficult to place in one particular category; it would be more accurate to assign them their own, modern genre. Despite this individuality of style, however, the Low Bowl retains some influence from the artist’s previous designs for Amphora, particularly in the reticulated handles reminiscent of Dachsel’s more Art Nouveau silhouettes. This combination of mainly geometric design with more organic accents indicates the changing artistic climate present during this work’s creation.

Paul Dachsel for Amphora. Marked with the Dachsel Company stamp 1905-1910. Model #1050/ 10.

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