Human and Animal

Beth Cavener & Kim Simonsson

Gifu Collection of Modern Arts

April - July 2021

Press Release

Human and Animal at the Gifu Collection of Modern Arts is on view from April 24 - July 20, 2022

Full Exhibition




In the present age when works of art are produced using various materials and methods, the boundaries between various fields of art such as art, design, ceramics, and sculpture are becoming increasingly vague. Among them, "soil" or clay has been widely reconsidered as a material for modeling in Japan and overseas, and the possibility of a wide range of expressions beyond the conventional ceramic art field has been found in soil as a material.

In this exhibition, five artists from Japan and abroad, Beth Cavener (USA), Susan Halls (UK), Yoshitomo Nara (Japan), and Stephanie Quere (UK), who face the fundamental motifs of humans and animals through earthen materials. Introducing about 100 ceramic works and related works by Kim Simonsson (Finland).

Under their respective interests, the artists express the characteristics of clay materials by superimposing the life and reality of living things. Please enjoy the power of the soil and the appearance of various kimonos that highlight new aspects of the art of clay.

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