REVIEW | Human: The Art of Beth Cavener Captured in Stunning, Lavish Book


July 2020

The Following is a review by Eric Zetterquist of Human: The Art of Beth Cavener.

It is with trepidation that I invite a new artbook into my already heaving library.  It can’t just be beautiful and informative; It needs to be indispensable.  “Human: The Art of Beth Cavener” is all of that.  Published by Fresco Books, whose recent efforts include the joyful “Menage Beato” and the fabulous “Dark Light: The Ceramics of Christine Nofchissey McHorse”, this large, sumptuous, and exquisitely printed catalogue raisonne is our only opportunity to see and understand all of Beth Cavener’s haunting sculpture.  Her gallery exhibitions are paced years apart, and her limited output over the last 20 years can only be seen in geographically scattered museum collections and a handful of jealously guarded private collections.  So, grab this opportunity, as the book grabs our rapt attention from first sight.

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