Design Miami/ 2023

20th & 21st Century Pottery

Miami Beach, FL

December 2, 2023

Press Release

Design Miami/ 2023 runs from Dec 6 - 10

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20th   and   21st   century   ceramics is a broad field rife with radical breaks from tradition, aesthetic triumphs, bold conceptual leaps, forays into abstraction for its own sake, and astute technical refinement. It is over the course of this time that clay— be it earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain— is transformed from a distinctly “craft” medium into something more like oil paint or a block of marble: a material in its own right, with its own history, and with an unlimited potential for creative expression, cultural dialogue, and material innovation.


As a historical form, the vessel (which once hovered on the line between art and design) has been reshaped, by the canniest potters, into an exalted vehicle for both extro- and introspective exploration. These art and design objects are capstone works within their medium— vases that seldom hold water.

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