Press Release

A tectonic shift has taken place for women artists over the past decade, which had clearly been long overdue. This movement has unleashed a historic recalibration for art history and, in turn, has opened the field to a richer much needed dialogue that seeks to include rather than restrict. 
'Women in Clay' is our contribution to the conversation. The sculpture presented is part of the transformation and these are the artists at the vanguard of that force. All included in the group are long considered ‘masters’, displaying a deep relationship and skillful command of their respected medium. An international collection that shows the full range of what can be imagined, built and presented from US to Europe to Asia, each with their own particular voice. 
Volcanic energy is on display in the living metamorphic abstractions of Aneta Regel. Crushed granite, unglazed areas and stone inclusions evoke her native Polish landscape as her almost figurative constructions in vivid colors lean, recline or stand up and squarely face us. 
Strong graphics scream at us in the bold and expertly sculpted figures of Montana based Beth Cavener. With her unnerving twist, animals frozen in movement, convey our all too human emotions through an expression or gesture. The figures hint at a narrative that is part dark fairy tale and part depth psychology, in this ambiguity the viewer is invited to draw their own conclusions.
Anne Marie Laureys undulating twisting forms dance and writhe amongst the shadows they produce. These sensual sculptures seduce us as we are guided through these organic works. We follow the undulating lines and turns along the bodies subtle colors, each new angle revealing a work in itself.
Crisp, bone white skulls are unearthed in the works by Japanese artist Katsuyo Aoki. The precision of her modeling in white porcelain is exact and even. The structural lines are extended and swirl allowing a contemporary take on a Rococo interpretation. 
Raw Power is in the medium, Raw Power is in its messengers!
Join us at Design Miami booth G/24 as we celebrate Women in Clay. 
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