Jason Jacques Gallery plans to present a high-contrast fair booth, split into two sections: one in black and white, the other technicolor. More than a cheeky reference to cinema, the booth shall stand as a reminder of the passage of time as critical to the development of art, craft, and design. As per usual, the booth will be visually anchored by the bold, heavy forms of Rick Owens' furniture. In terms of arrangement of contents within the space, the objects' placement will highlight their thematic commonalities be they texture, color, concept, embellishment, or anything in between.

The gallery will also be debuting work by up and coming sculptor, Nick Weddell. His wildly colorful, delightfully experimental, and visually rich glazing techniques provide endless space for exploration. His pieces will show alongside the iconic works of Aneta Regel, Shari Mendelson, and Katsuyo Aoki.

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