Jason Jacques Gallery is planning a phenomenal, over-the-top ceramic installation consisting of a group show, including a first-time special showing of pieces by a new ceramist on our radar, Nick Weddel. The premise of the show will be thematically coded in black and white, black for the old white for the new . As per usual, the booth will furnished with works by Rick Owens, but this time around the twist will be that the furniture will be a collaboration— Jason Jacques × Rick Owens.

Objects will be arranged within the space in terms of what looks good on black and what looks good on white, but also with an eye towards what fits into the chronological and visual arrangement of the works, with no less emphasis on the historical context of for developments in contemporary ceramics— a high-contrast and high-octane booth concept, visually striking both in person and in photos, yet immersive as opposed to overwhelming. A mélange of contemporary and historic work. The overall selection of will be arranged with the aim of highlighting the works individually and demonstrating how they may fit into a larger whole.

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