Animal with Cage Cup (Blue)

Shari Mendelson

11h x 11w x 5.50d in





Inventory Number: MES001

Size: 11h x 11w x 5.50d in

Medium: Repurposed plastic, hot glue, acrylic polymer, paper, found metal, resin

Year Made: 2015

Status: Available 

With equal parts reverence and play, Mendelson reinterprets ancient Greek, Roman, and Islamic glass and ceramics using discarded plastic water, soda, and juice bottles. The convex and concave shapes found in our plastic trash offers a wealth of material from which to build. At first glance, Mendelson’s work may look like glass or ceramic, yet upon closer look, a logo, recycling stamp or expiration date reveals the actual material. Using recycled plastic to make works that reference objects of the past offers Mendelson a space to playfully explore the transformation of form and material while reflecting on issues of history, culture and value.

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