Koi and Seaweed Vase

Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer

8.5" H x 5.5" W


c. 1893


Inventory Number LEL060

Size 8.5" H x 5.5" W

Material Earthenware

Period Symbolist

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1893

This shimmering pastel vase is the best example of Levy-Dhurmer's skill at surface decoration while working for Clement Massier the layering of pastel glazes with incised details creating the illusion of sea grass coming up from the base of the vase. Vestigial handles reminiscent of dorsal fins may have suggested the decor, the translucent of glaze layers give the feeling of looking through the transparent shimmering layers of water the small blood red Koi fish almost seems imaginary. Levy-Dhurmer's style in the works that he produced for the Massier's luster ware was primarily informed by his expertise as a pastelist and symbolist artist the effect of pastel painting is achieved by applying layers of pigment over one other, deploying either the point of the stick to make short layers and cross hatching. Levy-Dhurmer uses this technique in his ceramic decors as well he layers glazes one on top of the other, creating an impression of depth, painted and etched marks delineate contours.

Marks: Painted artist's names.

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