A Tribute to German Modern Paintings and Design Is Highlighted By Jason Jacques Gallery, at TEFAF, 2018

Art Fix Daily

March 5, 2018

A captivating presentation of modern paintings, important design, and ceramic art will be front and center with the Jason Jacques Gallery at this year’s The European Fine Art Fair, TEFAF, in Maastricht, Netherlands, from March 10th to 18th. 

In addition to Young Eagle, a rare 1936 painting by Josef Albers, the gallery will display a selection of Op Art paintings by Richard Anuszkiewicz and Victor Vasarely. A rare and engaging dining suite of Anthroposophical furniture from the 1920s - which remained in the family of the original owners until 2016 - will be exhibited alongside selection of sculptures spanning 50 years by Beate Kuhn and contemporary ceramics by Anne Marie Laureys and Gerald Weigel.

The paintings will explore the legacy of the Bauhaus movement and modern German art. Josef Albers, a German-born artist, taught at the Weimar Bauhaus and remained one of the most visible figures of the movement. Richard Anuszkiewicz studied under Albers at Yale University and Alber’s principles of color and form had a long-lasting effect, informing Anuszkiewicz’s work with geometric abstraction. Similarly, Victor Vasarely was deeply influenced by the functionalist ideation of the Bauhaus and the painterly work of Josef Albers.

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