Frieze New York 2018

Randall’s Island Park

May 4 – 6, 2018

Press Release

Jason Jacques Gallery announces its  2nd year at Frieze New York, a monumental gathering of the world’s leading modern and contemporary galleries. The gallery will exhibit sculptural creations of Aneta Regel, a London-based Polish visual artist working in clay and stone, alongside the 20th-century paintings by the Belgian Artist Pol Mara and American Op Art painter Richard Anuszkiewicz. 

Aneta Regel’s works are positioned within the provocative rift between abstraction and figuration, taking on the moods and aspects of living forms as they stand, lean, and recline. Much of her inspiration is drawn from the landscapes of her native Poland— the shapes, energies, and rhythms of natural phenomena shine through her work. “My work carries anthropomorphic references and autobiographical narratives. The human body and objects found in nature fascinate me,” explains Regel. Her work caries within it a humble air of self-reference in that the clay is paired with stone, left unglazed, and hints at its origin— nature. 

Pol Mara, whose name is an acronym for Pour Oublier Laideur. Métamorphoses, Amour, Rêve, Amitié (To forget ugliness. Metamorphosis, love, dreams, friendship), is a pop painter with a sincere streak. His canvases manifest his ability to transmute images steeped in commodity-culture and perceived as commercial or quotidian art into lovely visions, both separate from and contingent upon the emergent mass media which originally produced them. Pol Mara's artwork maintains a revelatory quality that implores viewers to re-approach their personal vision of the world around them. 

Alongside Pol Mara’s pop paintings will hang the Optical Art of Richard Anuszkiewicz, who carried forward the sensibilities of various branches of the historical avant-garde. His approach to representation and abstraction was optical, influenced by the Bauhaus’ Josef Albers’ color theory and Vasily Kandinsky’s constructivism.  

Frieze takes place on Randall’s Island, May 4th-6th, with invitation previews May 2nd and 3rd. The Jason Jacques Gallery will exhibit in stand F5.  


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