Heart Transplant

Edmond Lachenal

10.24" H x 6.3" W


c. 1900


Inventory Number LAE052

Size 10.24" H x 6.3" W

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1900

Purely decorative, this lovely vase demonstrates Lachenal’s ingenious application of sculptural solutions to functional aspects of vessel design. A branching handle, winding from crooked neck to lower body, suggests a vine emerging from the stem of a gourd. Typical of Lachenal’s shift from naturalism to stylization around 1900, this finely proportioned vase evokes plant forms rather than explicitly depicting them. Moreover, these vegetal elements never dominate the conventionally jar-shaped body, resulting in an understated expression of art nouveau style. The rich flambé glaze emulates Chinese copper-oxide reduction glazes popularized by Ernest Chaplet and the Sèvres Manufactory after 1890.

Marks: Painted Lachenal, 120, 129.

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