White Thistle

Sévres Porcelain Manufactory

4" H x 2.5" W


c. 1900


Inventory Number SE037

Size 4" H x 2.5" W

Material Porcelain

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1900

This White Thistle vase, produced by the Manufacture Nationale de Sevres in France, is a highly sculptural vessel. Artichoke like petals cover the wide lower part of the body, and have been overlaid with the three-dimensional forms of green thistles growing from the base. The piece is rendered in a palette of white, tan, and green glaze, with lines of gold rimming the mouth and foot. The porcelain work is rather tiny, standing only four inches high and two and half inches in diameter, making the sculptural design all the more intricate.

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