Inventory Number DEE046

Size 9" H x 12" W

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made C. 1904-1910

Condition Excellent

Of globular form with short neck and indented foot, with three bifurcated vegetal handles extending from shoulder to base, covered in a running high-fired copper glaze. This vase dates from a transitional period in Decoeur’s career, after he’d left Edmond Lachenal’s studio and set up shop with Fernande Rumèbe. Although the vase retains features of Decoeur’s work for Lachenal (vegetal decor, copper oxide glazing), it also show the independent vision that would separate Decoeur from art nouveau master potters, as well as the style itself. The plant-inspired elements no longer evince the meandering curvilinearity of le style moderne, and would soon disappear altogether from Decoeur’s pottery, as he continually sought to simplify form and elevate complex glaze decoration.

Marks: Painted Decoeur, Impressed trefoil mark.

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