Tendrils Vase

Edmond Lachenal

12" H x 10" W


c. 1899


Inventory Number LAE051

Size 12" H x 10" W

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1899

Reviewing ceramics shown at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900, a critic observed that "the stoneware of M. Lachenal is as always of an abundant variety: Its forms and glazes are quite felicitous." During the early 1900's, Lachenal exhibited relatively simple stoneware vases such as this one along with elaborately modeled and glazed vessels. The sculptural decoration on the present piece is confined to abstractly rendered tendrils that appear along the rim and shoulder. The glaze is almost monochromatic, except for pale green streaks and brown accents.

Marks: Painted Lachenal; 6. 153.

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