Smokey Tunis

34.5" h x 85" w x 33" d


c. 1969


Inventory Number TUS001

Size 34.5" h x 85" w x 33" d

Material Carved And Lacquered Wood, Upholstery

Country of Origin United States

Year Made c. 1969

Designer, sculptor and artist Smokey Tunis designed this imaginative sofa in 1969. A dark, lacquered wood structure provides the basic component of the piece, supporting the seating area, which is partly covered in red upholstery. In contrast with the raw simplicity of the upper components of the object, the eight feet of the sofa present a visually intriguing decorative motif. Four heads of hybrid creatures are carved in great detail into the lacquered wood, adding figurative elements to the piece. While obviously functional, Tunis’ sofa remains very sculptural. Its unusual composition, the play on curvy and intersecting shapes, and the addition of animal bas reliefs all make for a highly artistic object, that hint at Tunis’ career as a painter and sculptor.

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