Ski Foot Sideboard

Herman DeVries

37" H x 50" W x 20.25" D




Inventory Number CCC001

Size 37" H x 50" W x 20.25" D

Material Yellow Birch

Period Organic Country Modern Craft

Country of Origin United States of America

Year Made 1932

Status SOLD

The body of this honey-colored, handcrafted sideboard consists of two small top drawers above one long drawer. The drawers project over two cabinet doors featuring visible metal hinges for a decorative effect. Drawers and doors are fitted with two vertical wood handles each, mounted over circular cutouts to create both a comfortable grip as well as a visual balance to the vertical orientation of the handles. The sideboard rests on two sledge feet, and the countertop -slightly projecting to the sides- seems to be floating atop the body, lending this sturdy piece of furniture an air of lightness.

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