Inventory Number MAC113

Size 11" H x 6" W

Material Earthenware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made 1897

This vase illustrates two important principles Clement Massier’s production. First, that Massier’s vast knowledge of vessel forms from western antiquity and the Near and Far East provided him with a seemingly endless supply of models to choose from. Second, that many of these forms were originally devised for barbotine ware, but reused once Massier’s reflet métallique was perfected in the early 1890s. To underscore the model’s Japanese origin, its finely painted flowers evoke the over glaze floral décors found on Japanese Satsuma and Kutani ware, among others.
Marks: Painted artist's name, Golfe Juan, AM.

Literature: This model appears in the company catalog La Poterie du Golfe-Juan, faïences d’art Clément Massier, p. 12, no. 70, Vase Japon, published in Massier: l'introduction de la céramique artistique sur la côte d'Azur (Vallauris: Musée Magnelli, musée de la céramique, 2000), p. 116.

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