River Monster

Nils de Barck

9.50h x 10w x 7.75d


c. 1900


Inventory Number DEN006

Size 9.50h x 10w x 7.75d

Material Stoneware

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1900

Despite the animalistic, gargoyle-style spout affixed onto the vase’s rim, the body of this pitcher remains simple, leaving ample visual space for the foliage and dripping spots of glaze which adorn this vessel. The bucolic, earthy tones seen on this object accentuate its rustic appearance, particularly in the form of the handle and lip of the vessel, were the art nouveau sensibility of de Barck asserts itself. A vivid combination of bright blue and various shades of electric brown further accentuate the mysterious quality of this piece.  

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