Flying Saucer

Ingeborg + Bruno Asshoff

2.75h x 12.5w inches


c. 1970


Inventory Number IBA005

Size 2.75h x 12.5w inches

Material Glazed stoneware

Country of Origin Germany

Year Made c. 1970

Like its name suggests, this piece features a low and wide silhouette reminiscent of an alien spacecraft. The dark underside of the vase, which continues slightly onto the upper portion, abruptly gives way to an explosion of orange-red splotches on the flat top of the piece. Ringed with a lighter shade of cream, these spots give the vase an interestingly mottled appearance. These blotches culminate in a very small neck, and a mouth rimmed in white glaze. When viewed from above, the rim and the outer edge of the vase’s body form concentric circles that vary drastically in size.

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