Inventory Number C0051

Size 11.75" H x 5" W

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin Italy

Year Made c. 1903

With its playful polychrome decoration of arcs, circles, and wavy lines, this vase brings to mind a wide range of associations from peacock feathers and winged angel heads to aqueducts and flowers. The mellow color palette of olive green, inky blue, yellow, and orange is further enhanced with areas of golden luster, a tradition that could have been present in Italy from 828CE, the year of the Muslim conquest of Sicily. Galileo Chini was the co-founder of a small factory, L’Arte della Ceramica, in Florence. Inspired by earlier local tin-glazed earthenware, the work of Islamic potters, and paintings by Gustav Klimt, he specialized in vases with luster decoration and rich colors. In 1902, Galileo and his cousin Chino established the Chini firm in Mugello, where this piece was created.

Marks: Painted artist's cipher, MUGELLO 2162.

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