Double Wall

Beate Kuhn

9.45" h x 18.11" w x 9.06" d




Inventory Number KUB008

Size 9.45" h x 18.11" w x 9.06" d

Material Glazed Stoneware

Country of Origin Germany

Year Made 2007

This 2007 sculpture takes the form of a blue wall with oval alcoves, on the side of which are attached petal-like forms. As for most of her ceramic sculptures. Since the early 1960s, Beate Kuhn has created freely designed sculptures like this one, each work consisting of individually thrown and cut elements, assembled into a coherent whole. In each of her works, the artist relies on a single basic element executed repeatedly and in different sizes. "Double Wall" certainly reproduces such pattern. Its mixture of abstract and figurative qualities makes this work particularly fascinating.

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