Inventory Number LEL075

Size 7" h x 5.33" w

Material Earthenware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made 1890

Cylindrical vase with tapering sides, decorated with painted aloe vera leaves and iridescent luster glaze. Probably decorated by Lévy-Dhurmer, for Clément Massier Poterie d’art, Golfe-Juan. Although unsigned, the decoration of this vase bears the hallmarks of Lévy-Dhurmer’s style, including refined painting, beautiful “cellular” drips, and the combination of brilliant gem and subdued earth tone colors. Like many of Lévy-Dhurmer/Massier pieces, this one uses flora of the Golfe-Juan/Vallauris area for its decor.

Marks: Clément Massier Golfe-Juan, AM.

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