Blue Snake Skin

Valdemar Engelhardt for Royal Copenhagen

9.75" H x 3.25" W


c. 1900


Inventory Number C0279

Size 9.75" H x 3.25" W

Material Porcelain

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin Denmark

Year Made c. 1900

Condition Excellent

A hard porcelain vase with a Persian blue craquele "snakeskin" glaze, this piece was executed by Valdemar Engelhardt. Engelhardt perfected crystalline glazes invented by Adolphe Clement in the early 1890s and by 1900 was exhibiting a variety of crystalline-glazed porcelains to great acclaim. This vase is an especially fine example of Royal Copenhagen's crystalline-glazed porcelains, which during the Art Nouveau period were considered among the finest produced in Europe.

Marks: manufacturer's stamp, painted K / K 577.

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