Autumnal Delight

Edouard Dammouse

10" h x 13.5" w


C. 1890


Inventory Number ED002

Size 10" h x 13.5" w

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made C. 1890

Condition Excellent

Edouard Dammouse, along with his brother Albert, specialized in motifs deriving from Japanese prints, mostly stylized floral and natural themes. His Autumnal Delight is an example of this style, which he followed for the better part of the 1880s. Dammouse painted these delicate flowers and filled them with bright, polychrome colors in low relief, which he outlined in gold. In addition to Japanese inspiration, Dammouse also drew upon rustic European folk and country life in his choice of ceramic motifs. The color palette, a homogenous mix of orange, brown and off-white tones, directly alludes to autumn.

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