Adelaide Alsop Robineau

At her studio in Syracuse, New York, Adelaide Alsop Robineau experimented with glazes and forms influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and design elements of Art Nouveau. Her best known masterpiece, the Scarab Vase, was created between 1909 and 1911 as part of a project to publicize the People's University in University City, near Jefferson, Missouri. It was exhibited at the Exhibition Internationale in Torino in 1911. Robineau was on the University City faculty along with Taxile Doat and Emile Diffloth. Her work is well-represented in the Everson Museum in Syracuse New York.

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As a young woman Adelaide became interested in the popular pursuit of china painting. She married Samuel E. Robineau of France in 1899, and in that year the couple launched Keramic Studio, a pioneering periodical for ceramic artists and potters. Adelaide became interested in hand-crafting ceramics and in pursuit of advanced knowledge, spent some time under Charles Binns at Alfred University.