This is our inaugural 136-page full color 2013 TEFAF Selection including the best of the Art Nouveau and Japonist Masterworks from the collection of Jim and Rose Ryan.

With object descriptions by Claire Cass, Jason Jacques and Christopher T. Baker.

Please contact the gallery to purchase a copy.

This is our inaugural 136-page catalogue for our 2013 TEFAF Selection. From Jason's introduction: "Returning to TEFAF after four years was a hard won battle. In 2009 we had the honor and privilege of exhibiting in the TEFAF Showcase, a small section of highly selected young dealers. Returning as a member/dealer in 2013 comes in an auspicious moment in my life and career. I doubt many dealers in the fair could make this claim. We are bringing you, for our inaugural TEFAF, a collection that can not be bested. The reason for this is timing. In most of the art world, the very, very best was collected and donated to museums long ago. Each fair, people come here because there will be something remarkable to see, to buy, from each of the categories of period, medium and style: A few notable examples of profound exception. 20th century Design is the exception to this rule and why it is such an exciting area of collecting."

The Catalog includes the best works from the Collection of Jim and Rose Ryan as well as object descriptions by the Scholar Claire Cass, Christopher T. Baker, and Jason Jacques.

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