Kim Simonsson, a renowned Finnish artist’s solo exhibition is being presented at the Jason Jacques Gallery. The show features sculptures from his famous Moss People series. The series was introduced in 2014, for the first time. The life-size sculptures portray naive yet enthralling child figures. Every figure is made of ceramic and is inspired by the forests of the country.

According to the artist, “The moss green figures blend perfectly into their natural surroundings, just as a soft carpet of moss covers the ground, rocks and tree trunks and acts as a sort of protection. In the Moss People world, lost and disconnected children, evoking different characters, gather in a Shaman Party, choose leaders and end up creating false idols.”

Some of the stars of the show are “Sitting Moss Shaman Girl,” “Little Red Riding Hood” – which is inspired by the protagonist of the famous fairy-tale story, “Moss King,” “Girl with Golden Shoes,” “Glazed Dandy with Blue Shoes” and “Spaceman.”

Jason Jacques, the principal of the gallery, said, “Kim tells the truth in his work. Kim's gestures are indeed sublime. However, do they at the same time disturb you a little? They should because there is nothing phony or glamorous here, just truth.”

“Kim Simonsson: Shaman Party” is being presented from October 11, 2017, through November 7, 2017, at the Jason Jacques Gallery, 29 E 73rd St #1, New York, NY 10021, USA.

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