Mushrooms, moss and disco ball mirrors: our seven favourite works from Design Miami

The Art Newspaper

November 30, 2022

For the 18th edition of Design Miami (until 4 December), the collectible design fair, curatorial director Maria Cristina Didero has chosen a hopeful theme. The Golden Age: Looking to the Future invokes creative optimism across time and space, celebrating idealised histories, alternative realities and the intrepid creation of objects for tomorrow—even amid the uncertainties of today.

Kim Simonsson's Year of the Moss Children (2022)

Jason Jaques Gallery

Finnish artist Simonsson’s work is inspired by the forests and folklore of his home country. His life-sized ceramic Moss People series features bright green, beguiling figures that peer at the viewer in eerie, silent wonder. “He was the main attraction at this year’s lille3000 triennale, where ten giant Moss Children marched down the promenade from Lille’s train station towards their opera building,” says gallerist Jason Jaques.

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