Jason Jacques Gallery artist Gareth Mason is a featured artist in ‘Moon Jar: Contemporary Translations in Britain’ opening June 18-August 17 at the Korean Cultural Centre UK. The exhibition marks 130 years of cultural relations between Korea and the UK and “celebrates the vital (and largely unsung) harpstrings of inspiration that connect historic cultural artifacts to contemporary artistic practice.” ‘Moon Jar’ features the work of four artists based in the UK (Mason included) and one artist from Korea, all of whose work has in some way been informed by the iconic Korean ceramic vessel, the Full Moon Jar.The image to the left depicts the Full Moon Jar that once belonged to Bernard Leach, now a treasure of the British Museum’s Korean Collection (the museum has loaned this piece to the exhibition) in contrast to Gareth's Work Deep time Event.

“It will be a significant event for me to exhibit alongside a work the like of which has lived large in my poetic imagination for many years,” said Mason.

Mason will also be speaking at the Symposium The 'Joining the Hemispheres' at the London Korean Cultural Centre on July 22nd from 2-5pm on July 22nd at Korean Cultural Center UK Grand Building, 1-3 Strand London, WC2N 5BW

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