Gareth Mason is featured in a group exhibition in the Musée Ariana in Geneva Switzerland from April 2014-November 2014 the Exhibition is entitled 'Contemporary Art, Design and Patronage, a Sustainable Alliance'

"The world of contemporary ceramics changing the crossroads of applied art, design and contemporary art. Ariana Museum collections reflect the diversity of the current scene, both in the field of ceramic sculpture - figurative or abstract - as in installatives practices or containers. The acquisitions made over the past decade thanks to the generosity of patrons and artists boast reflect - so necessarily subjective - the richness of creation rooted in material and ancestral practice and yet still relevant : earth.

This new exhibition brings together representative works of the current ceramic scene acquired between 2006 and 2014, through the sponsorship and particularly with the support of our late friend Gisèle Marignac. We honor him by presenting the work of artists who, through his generosity and his openness to contemporary art, entered our collections." -Musée Ariana, Geneva

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