Exquisite Rupture

Aneta Regel in Retrospective at Jason Jacques Gallery, New York

March 2022

Jason Jacques Gallery is thrilled to announce a retrospective exhibition covering the past decade of Aneta Regel’s work. Fresh off of the heels of her entry into the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s formidable collection, this exhibition explores just what makes the London-based sculptor’s work so subversive.

Her signature use of color, form, and texture is what gives her work such visual gravitas. It’s an approach to sculpting she developed over many years, relying on her own expert understanding of slips and glazes, as well as fired porcelain’s peculiar reaction to the inclusion of foreign bodies, to hone her technique.

It’s this understanding of clay, and cultural context surrounding fine porcelain, that has allowed Regel to subvert and re-invent the idea of a ‘desirable clay object,’ allowing us to analyze porcelain’s history as a luxury good, an illustrious signifier of refinement, and sculptural medium.

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