Can we design our way to a better world? Design Miami/ returns to tackle global issues.

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Design Miami fair attendees explore the interior of a piece called the Dome, by artist Rem Denizen. Emily MIchot EMICHOT@MIAMIHERALD.COM

The Gorgon tongue and hand by artist Nick Weddell. Emily Michot EMICHOT@MIAMIHERALD.COM

Jason Jacques Gallery's CEREMONY at Design Miami/ 2021 with artworks by Nick Weddell, Rem Denizen, and Kim Simonsson.


‘ALL ABOUT LOVE’ Toward that end, certain gallerists took a kinder, gentler approach to their design, said CEO Roberts. Case in point is the Jason Jacques Gallery, whose owner says, “We’re all about love.” His booth at the entrance to the fair (G/05), features a 15-foot-tall geodesic dome designed by Rem Denizen as a temple for an Ayahuasca ceremony. The model at the fair is made from a single grand fir tree and lists for $65,000. For those who want something else, Jacques said, Denizen will build the dome of your dreams — “in any form, even in gold” — but size and materials will dictate the commission price.

There’s so much to like about the booth designed by this gallery from Clinton Corners, New York — especially a five-foot-long ceramic isolation lounge in the shape of a giant alien’s mouth, complete with tongue and tastebuds. Rows of teeth line the interior roof and dozens of eyes rotate in their sockets sprouting from the top. The curious creature is the brainchild of Nick Weddell, a 27-year-old wunderkind from Austin. After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 11, Weddell took comfort in creating an imaginary alternate universe he calls Zeefromzeglop. The booth is crammed with creatures from that planet, in the forms of hand-hooked rugs and a slew of ceramic objects, including the isolation lounge, which he calls Gorgon. The lounge, along with a companion ottoman, lists for $55,555.



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