Art Week Starts Out Strong

Design Miami/Art Miami/CONTEXT

December, 2019

"Cool sums up pretty much everything starting from the weather on day one of Miami Art Week, which began with several openings on the most glorious Miami day known to mankind. I did... I saw... I absorbed so much my brain runneth over.

First stop was the ode to good taste, Design Miami, considered the cream of the 2019 design crop showing under a large white tent in Miami Beach across from the convention center. Everything seems... bigger, better... "more" this year. I loved it all right out of the gate. Okay, so a select few things may have elicited the whispered phrase, "What were they thinking??". An entirely new level has emerged for Miami's Art Week extravaganza. The footprint of most fairs has grown as well as important new additions in the line-up. Design Miami is only one of the many putting out their most eco-conscious works as everything from sunglasses to more natural elements echo the water theme for DM's 2019 show. 

People lounged happily talking and working outside amongst the greenery of Design Miami in the newly opened (and permanent) Pride Park surrounding the tent. If you passed by last week you would have seen a mound of full grown trees piled up as landscapers frantically stuffed them into the earth. Colorful ensembles graced the frames of people from all over the planet as they busily set about the business of being worldly unique."

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