Théo Perrot

Born Pierre Basile Théodule Perrot in Arquian, a village in the pottery region of Puisaye, Théo Perrot seemed destined to become a ceramist. He left the region as a young man to live in Paris, then briefly lived in London to work as a painter, but returned to Arquian between 1892 and 1894, wher came under the influence of the school of acclaimed ceramist Jean Carriés. He then collaborated with Georges Hoentschel, Émile Grittel, and Paul Jeanneney. Perrot exhibited for the first time in 1907, showing a number of vases at the Salon of Nièvre. Many of his creations were lavishly decorated with Art Nouveau motifs pertaining to the natural world. In 1912, he gave up his activity as a ceramist and retired in Lyon.

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