October 10 – November 16, 2019

Press Release

Tessa Eastman: Cloudspotting will open Tursday, October 10th

An opening reception will be held 6 — 8pm at the gallery

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NEW YORK CITY — OCTOBER 10TH — CLOUDSPOTTING, a solo exhibition of work by the award-winning, London-based artist, Tessa Eastman, will open at Jason Jacques Gallery Thursday, October 10th and the artist will be making an appearance.

Eastman’s hand-sculpted ceramic works— colorful drawn and built clusters, arrangements, and structures inspired by clouds and molecules— span the gap between the microscopic and the monumental and have a serious following among collectors, gallerists, and ceramiphiles alike. In the artist’s own words, she aims “to fix ungraspable states such as fleeting clouds, which represent both the ideal and the perishable, doom, and fantasy.” These ideas are articulated through a language of color, contrast, and difference: fluid and rigid, ordered and chaotic, soft and unyielding.

Drawing inspiration from the forms glimpsed through the lens of a microscope, Eastman generates works that teem with life and energy. As she picks apart and reassembles the curious, modular nature of growth, structure, and the natural world, a series of remarkable pieces appears to spring fourth from the emergent properties of her visual vocabulary and sculptural practice.

Cloudspotting will be Eastman's debut solo exhibition in the United States, and will be accompanied by a selection of historic European pottery from the gallery’s collection, on view in the upstairs salon.

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