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The first contemporary ceramics exhibition to be held at the Jason Jacques Gallery

This is the first exhibition on a contemporary ceramist to be held at the Jason Jacques Gallery. The experience-driven quality and poetically outrageous aesthetics of Mason’s work exude a spirit of curiosity, imagination, and sensuality. It is the alchemical complexity of Mason's work that Mr. Jacques is fascinated by, and which presents a glimpse into the mystery of transformation that is expressed both in the making of ceramics as well as in the phenomenon we experience as life.

It is a great pleasure for us to be showing a contemporary artist’s work of such originality, and such spiritual and visual potency. Each of Gareth Mason’s ceramic jars represents a small cosmic explosion. Intensely expressive and energetic in character, Mason’s work reflects his eagerness to capture the dynamics and the mysteries of creation. Based on the transformative power of fire, says Mason, spirit is freed from earth – his artistic medium – and in turn ceramics come to life. Indeed, the ceramic jars undergo a metamorphic process when, guided by intuition and improvisation, Mason first throws them by hand and subsequently manipulates them by multiple firing, glazing, and the inclusion of varied materials over a period of up to several years. The result in each case is an astounding richness in texture, form, and visual density. Unconventional in his approach, Gareth Mason is one of Britain’s most individual ceramicists. He has extensive experience as a teacher of, and has been published in many books and articles about ceramics. His work is widely collected in the UK as well as internationally.

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