Spiny Fish

Alfred-Louis-Achille Daguet

11” H x 11” W x 4” D


c. 1905


Inventory Number M0110

Size 11” H x 11” W x 4” D

Material Iron With Patinated Brass Repoussé

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1905

A spiny fish served up on a blood-red platter is the central ornament of this deluxe box. While the style of the fish recalls zoological renderings of the late nineteenth century, the concept of a metal-clad box evokes medieval Europe. Alfred Daguet produced objects for Siegfried Bing, owner of the Paris emporium L’Art Nouveau. Repoussé, the technique in which a malleable metal is “pushed” with special tools from the reverse side to create a design, was employed to create the surface ornamentation. It was further refined by "chasing," the process of sinking the metal from the front. This box is hinged at the front and the top.

Marks: Chased artist's initials.

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