Oceanus Procellarum and Cavalerius Hills on the Moon


21.93h x 17.52w in




Inventory Number NA000030

Size 21.93h x 17.52w in

Material Silver gelatin print on matte fiber paper

Country of Origin United States

Year Made 1967

The Moon as Viewed by Lunar Orbiter, NASA-SP-200, 1970, ill p. 123, recto in typese: Nasa-LRC Lunar Orbiter Project-Mission III, spacecraft frame no. 214, 1 of 1, medium resolution site III-S 20 GRE 03030560 KI No. 3056, photographed: Date Feb 22 1967, fime 22:43:04.17 readout: Feb 23, 1967 shutter 04 second 01/01, reassembled by: army map service, corps of engineers, U.S. army.

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