Monumental Vine Baluster

Georges Hoentschel

25.51" h x 15.35" w


c. 1900


Inventory Number HOG045

Size 25.51" h x 15.35" w

Material Stoneware

Period Art Nouveau, Japonist

Country of Origin France

Year Made C. 1900

Status Available

Condition Crack rolling through base

Known for his interior design and glaze techniques, Georges Hoentschel emulates both of these known ideals in this baluster. With an emphasis on interior design throughout his career, Hoentschel created this baluster, which may have been featured in a staircase, or at least derived its aesthetic from such. The brown coloring and glaze highlight the draping and vines that surround the pot. With a smaller base, the pot's center begins to swell and then taper off and flare at the neck with a larger opening and lip, indicating a Japonist influence.

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