Lunar Orbiter


8h x 10w in




Inventory Number NA000033

Size 8h x 10w in

Material Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

Country of Origin United States

Year Made 1968

FOR RELEASE: March 17, 1968
PHOTO NO. 68-H-256
Site 3 - II-P-8

This photograph shows one of five sites on the Moon selected by the National Aeronautics and Space administration for the first U.S. manner lunar landing. Site No. 3 is in the Central Bay at 1 degree and 20 minutes west longitude and 0 degrees 25 minutes north latitude.

This photograph was taken by Lunar Orbiter III Feb. 18. 1967, at an altitude of 29 miles (46.9 kilometers) above the moon. The view is to the West with the Sun almost directly behind the spacecraft. This approximates how the landing site will look to Apollo astronauts as they approach the site. The actual target site is represented by the ellipse which measures three by five miles. The lines indicate coordinates on the Moon near the target site.

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