Lunar Orbiter


8h x 10w in




Lunar Orbiter, 1967

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

8h x 10w in



Inventory Number: NA000032

Size: 10h x 8w in

Medium: Vintage gelatin silver print

Year Made: 1967

Status: Available 

FOR RELEASE: Februrary 24, 1967
PHOTO NO: 67-H-204

This is a portion of a telephoto photograph made by NASA's Lunar Orbiter III spacecraft. The area shown is in the 10th of 12 primary photo sites assigned to the third Lunar Orbiter mission. This site is in Oceanus Procellarum about 35 miles north of the lunar equator and 800 miles west of the center of the Moon's front face. The sun lights the western wall of the crater in the center of the picture. With that sunlit area to the left, North is about 71 degrees to the left of the top of the picture. The area shown is approximately 3,600 feet by 2,800 feet. The unusually well-defined crater in the center of the picture is about 500 feet across.The double-walled appearance is due to a continuous landslide around the circumference of the crater. This slide probably occurred shortly after the crater was formed. Blocks and boulders averaging about three feet in diameter which were ejected from the crater form a symmetrical pattern of rays. Lunar Orbiter is a project of NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va. and was built by the Boeing Company, Seattle, Wash.

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