Dry Whisper

Morten Løbner Espersen

35H x 35 W inches




Inventory Number ELM008

Size 35H x 35 W inches

Material Stoneware

Period Contemporary

Country of Origin Denmark

Year Made 2012

Condition Excellent

Like a giant sea monster emerging from the depths of the sea this many armed vase with a texture resembling coral.The clay he uses to create this effect is an English stoneware – since there is no natural stoneware clay in Denmark. Espersen adds a lot of grog (highfired, crushed clay) to make it stronger and to give it more roughness, and also to create a more three-dimensional surface, full of holes and peaks. Some of the grog comes from smashed bisqued or fired pots. By adding earthen ware clay, a deeper colour appears and this, in turn, also increases the amount of iron in the body and gives the glazes more to interact with.

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