Inventory Number C0043

Size 9.75" H x 8" W

Material Stoneware

Period Japonist

Country of Origin France

Year Made c. 1886

Cherry Blossoms is a superb example of the Japonist stoneware that ernest Chaplet and Edouard Dammouse produced in the Haviland atelier between 1882 and c. 1886. Here a graceful, asymmetrical Japanese cherry blossom design, generally traceable to Japanese lacquers and screens, has been applied on the surface of a stoneware vessel, which is further embellished by surface textures on the neck and near the foot. the vessel is presented in an Asian-style metal mount featuring fierce lion head masks. Metal ring lug handles, each held in place by an additional lion head, complete the composition.

Marks: Stamped rosary, H & Co, 71, VI.

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