Burl Coffee Table

JB Blunk

J.B. Blunk
Burl Coffee Table, 1972
Sculpted Redwood Burl
19.50h x 61w x 41d in
49.53h x 154.94w x 104.14d cm



The idea that there’s no need to distinguish between art, craft, and design anymore appears to be a notion that Blunk had caught on to by the 70s. In addition to his work as a sculptor and potter, was active as a furniture designer and created a number of low tables such as this one, from 1965 onwards. His first woodworking commission, a room of furniture that included benches, chair, and tables, was inspired by Japanese design. His self-effacing approach to furniture echoes the traditional homes Blunk had seen in Japan, where chairs and tables were similarly conceived as part of the architectural environment. The Burl Coffee Table embodies the artist's respectful approach to his medium. The natural form of the wood is used here as a starting point.

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