Inventory Number LEL057

Size 7.25" H x 12.25" W

Material Earthenware

Period Art Nouveau

Country of Origin France

Year Made 1892

This cachepot closely resembles model 165, Cachepot bosselé, illustrated in a Massier sales catalog from the mid-1890s. The name derives from the indented surface, which resembles beaten metal. As always with Lévy-Dhurmer pieces, the sublime décor compels awe for the artistry of its painting as well as the perfection of its luster glazing. The combination of naturalistically rendered floral imagery with abstract marks and glaze drips is typical of this master decorator, whose success as a Symbolist painter is prefigured in ceramic masterpieces like these made for the Massier firm.

Marks: Painted artists' name, Golfe Juan (AM)

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