Water & Wine DOT033

Taxile Doat

9.8" h x 16" w


Art Nouveau


Inventory Number DOT035

Size 9.8" h x 16" w

Material Porcelain

Period c. 1907

Country of Origin France

Year Made Art Nouveau

Taxile Doat is best remembered today for inventing the grand feu technique in porcelain production. This vase is a product of such technology. The application of the glaze, which we see dripping on the bottom sides, is uneven, but its texture remains particularly unique and lustrous. The effect given to his glaze through his own high fire technique gave all of his creations a unique luster and crystalline effect that remains incomparable. The simplicity of the design is representative of the ceramist’s interest in exploring organic forms, triggered by his fascination for Japanese pottery.

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