Delphin Massier

11.5" h x 11.5" w x 9.3" d




Inventory Number MAD018

Size 11.5" h x 11.5" w x 9.3" d

Material Stoneware

Country of Origin France

Year Made 1903

Delphin Massier’s Quadrifoil vase is composed of two main components: the bell shaped body of a vase with a tall cylindrical neck, and two flat arms emerging from the body that meet in the air above it, forming the cutout shape of a Gothic quatrefoil. Where these two arms meet at the highest point of the work, they both flare out, each splitting into two planes that come together to form a four sided opening. This complex structure is glazed with magnificently iridescent shades of purple, blue, and orange, colors which have been overlaid with an intricate arabesque patterning. This striking coloration and the unique silhouette combine to form a truly unique ceramic object in this piece.

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